Thursday, December 23, 2010

Immunization fun

One sure sign of traveling to unfamiliar territory is the very existence of this cute little booklet called the Yellow Immunization Card. Not to mention the fact that the first page in mine is almost full...
Yes, the picture is blurry. It was taken right after I got home from the Tropical Diseases Center yesterday. I still feel dizzy when I look at this picture - yesterday it looked sharp to me... :)

I had 3 shots again and just like the last time, they were in me before i could protest. The experience was unpleasant, yet funny. I was waiting in the small waiting room with several well dressed (and pretty annoyed) people. I picked up the form and quickly filled in the necessary details while waiting for my number to be called. 5 years ago I had great difficulties filling in the "country you travel to" line since I knew Doulos would be sailing to a new port every 2-3 weeks. Then I wrote "all around the world", which triggered an angry outburst from the doctor thinking I was joking and wasting their time.

This time I only said Sierra Leone so she knew right away what shots I needed. She looked through carefully my vaccination card and asked me "why can't you sit still on your bum?" :) I tried to explain to her what Mercy Ships was doing and she got very interested. Even though there were several people waiting outside she asked me to sit down and tell her more; she kept on asking me about the ship, the ministry and how to join. At the end I gave her my e-mail address and I hope she will contact me.

It is so nice to spread the vision and you never know who will be interested... :)

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